Creating inspiring, cheerful workspaces

For two years after we moved into our first home I stared at the blank alcove in the living room and imagined what we would do with the space. The TV already had a home and we had bookshelves... then I started creating button bouquets. My button collection was small for the first while and could be stored behind the sofa but as time went on I opened an Etsy shop and my hobby turned into a business.

Luckily for me, I have a very talented brother-in-law who helped me design a workspace that fit in with my living room. He handmade my beautiful workspace. As I began to decorate my shelves with my creations, my business plan became obvious to me: Why can't office d├ęcor be fun, cheerful, colourful, rainbow themed? I want to spread the rainbows and bring textured, colourful inspiration to your personal workspace, no matter how small. Bee and Blue is a one stop shop for fancying up those little spaces and adding a touch of the whimsical to places where ideas are born.

Aiveen xxx

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